- WEBINAR 28 FEB 2019 -
Annual Review of Promotions
Webinar Accuris Annual Review of Promoti

This session gives an overview of what was new in the promotional landscape in the UK and elsewhere in Europe in 2018 and how to evaluate your own promotions against the background of ever demanding retailers, hardened competition and changing shopper behaviour. 

Register today to learn more about: 

- What were the trends in 2018?

- What to expect for 2019?

- How to engage with trading partners and create a promo plan that delivers results for both? 

- How to compare your category with other food, beverage and non food categories? 
- how do shoppers respond to promotions?
- how to distinguish between gross and net effects of a promotion?
- how to analyse net revenue of a promotion?

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Title:     Annual Review of Promotions
Date:    Thursday, February 28th
Time:    2pm London / 3pm Brussels 

All case material is based on (anonymous) Accuris work with dozens of brand leaders across the UK and continental Europe.

Please use your company email address for registration and verification.

This webinar is organised independently by Accuris (www.accuris.com) and offered free of charge to staff of consumer packaged goods retailers ans manufacturers only. The agenda is subject to change.

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