Trade promotions: benchmark against other suppliers and categories and gain a competitive edge
  • What it is

    Review of all 2019 promotions and benchmarking

    Traditional promotion evaluation looks at uplifts but ignores the most important effects of promotions: shoppers switching between SKUs, brands, segments, stores, etc. 
    This report analyses your data and digs deep into promotional performance, detailing all sources of incremental sales. It also benchmarks your results against other suppliers and categories, so you know your relative strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Content

    How it works

    All metrics are calculated using detailed scanning data only. Once you have received complete data for 2019, you upload a scanning database (min. 104 weeks) and within two weeks you receive your full report, on paper and in electronic version (as well as access to the online analytical software). An on-site presentation will highlight opportunities for reducing cannibalisation and subsidisation costs as well as other possibilities to improve performance based on benchmarking. 

  • Takeaways


    - Reduce costs by avoiding excessive cannibalization and subsidization
    - Gain a competitive edge by showing retailers how to grow the category and increase traffic to their stores
    - Know your strengths and weaknesses through benchmarking against other suppliers and categories

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