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WEBINAR: Zero Based Promotion Planning

Many companies use last year’s promotion plan as the basis for their 2025 plan, plus or minus some adjustments. This practice leads to increasing promotion levels, profit dilution and eroding brand equity. Zero Based Planning makes a break with this practice.

Join us on May 14th for a webinar where we demonstrate the benefits of Zero Based Promotion Planning and how you can implement it in your organization.


  • The benefits of Zero-Based Promotion Planning
    Explore the foundational concepts of ZBP and why it is a solution to the fast-paced market dynamics in FMCG.

  • Step-by step process to implement Zero Based Promotion Planning
    A detailed walk-through of the ZBP process, illustrating how every investment is scrutinized and allocated based on its potential to drive growth.

  • Do's and don'ts:
    Gain insights into the benefits of adopting ZBP, such as enhanced agility and cost efficiency, while also considering the challenges and how to mitigate them.

  • Convincing the trade
    Strategies for integrating ZBP within your organizational processes, ensuring a smooth transition and successful outcomes internally and externally, with retail partners.

  • Conclusion and Q&A:
    Wrap up with a summary of key points and open the floor for your questions, allowing you to clarify doubts and gather expert advice.


This webinar is ideal for financial officers, revenue managers, and account and marketing managers in the CPG industry who are looking to innovate their promotional strategies and achieve a competitive edge. Whether you are new to ZBP or seeking to refine your existing practices, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable guidance.


Reserve your spot now and begin the journey towards more impactful and efficient promotion planning.


Free for consumer goods suppliers and retailers only

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Martin Vom Stein 2017_edited.jpg

Martin vom Stein

Revenue Management and Shopper Marketing professional with 20+ years of experience at Henkel, Nestle, The Shopsumer Institute, Horn & Company and Accuris. 

Antoon Deleeck 2018_edited.jpg

Antoon Deleeck

Antoon is a revenue management executive and pioneer in impact measurement of marketing, trade and promotional investments. Antoon is a Managing Consultant at Accuris and has extensive experience in working with Coca-Cola, Heineken, Mars and many other CG companies 

About Accuris

Track how shoppers switch between offers on a daily basis and measure the revenue streams they generate 

What we do

Accuris provides revenue optimisation services and consulting. We have been using machine learning - mainly Bayesian statistics - since the early 2000s. We use all your available data to detect how shoppers switch between brands, stores and segments. Our Source of Business® model explains revenue streams generated for each promo and media campaign and for new product introductions and assortment changes.

Why it matters

Revenue indicators based on gross rather than net impact will lead to sub-optimal or even wrong decisions. Net effects strip out back-and-forth switching and other false positives. Promotions, price increases and new listings can lead to strong revenue increases in gross terms, but net results may be much lower or negative, thereby misleading decision making. 

What other agencies do

Data providers and consulting agencies do not integrate all required data sources to get the full picture of how shoppers behave. They tend to use static methods or once-a-year regression approaches to explain market dynamics. This was perhaps sufficient a decade ago but is not enough for modern markets and categories where shoppers switch between offers on a daily basis.

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