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About Accuris

Track how shoppers switch between offers on a daily basis and measure the revenue streams they generate 

What we do

Accuris provides revenue optimisation services and consulting. We have been using machine learning - mainly Bayesian statistics - since the early 2000s. We use all your available data to detect how shoppers switch between brands, stores and segments. Our Source of Business® model explains revenue streams generated for each promo and media campaign and for new product introductions and assortment changes.

Why it matters

Revenue indicators based on gross rather than net impact will lead to sub-optimal or even wrong decisions. Net effects strip out back-and-forth switching and other false positives. Promotions, price increases and new listings can lead to strong revenue increases in gross terms, but net results may be much lower or negative, thereby misleading decision making. 

What other agencies do

Data providers and consulting agencies do not integrate all required data sources to get the full picture of how shoppers behave. They tend to use static methods or once-a-year regression approaches to explain market dynamics. This was perhaps sufficient a decade ago but is not enough for modern markets and categories where shoppers switch between offers on a daily basis.

Analytics for Revenue Management in FMCG

Since its foundation in 1998, Accuris have served more than half of the top 50 FMCG manufacturers in Europe, as well as many national champions. 


Full service

Clients enjoy a full service approach, hands-on consulting, to data integration, modelling and implementation support. The unique Accuris methodology builds competitive advantages no other agency can offer in the price/promotion/revenue optimisation area.  


Innovative concepts

Some of the concepts pioneered by Accuris are: 

  • Source of Business®, a revenue management methodology to analyse the net impact of marketing events

  • Net Value Contribution to measure shopper upgrading and downgrading 

  • Calendar planning to allow what-if simulation and scenario planning of promotional and media campaigns


1 Billion euro

In 2014, Accuris achieved 1 billion euro of cumulative savings and efficiency gains for its clients since its inception. 

Services offered
  • Revenue growth analytics

  • Promotion evaluation and optimisation​

  • Media effectiveness​

  • Assortment optimisation ​

  • Price optimisation 

  • Data integration services


Accuris provides these services under its own name as well as in collaboration with the world's leading strategy consultants. 


Accuris UK & Europe

18/2 Westland Place

London N1 7TT

United Kingdom

+44 20 8144 9500 



Accuris Shopsumer Institute

Passeig de Manuel Girona, 55

08034 Barcelona, Spain
+34 609 84 57 24 


1 Van Cuyckstraat

B-2000 Antwerp

+44 20 8144 9500  ​​


Spaces Unirii View          
Unirii View Building

Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu Nr. 6-8

floor 1-3

District 3, Postal Code: 030167
Bucharest, Romania

Accuris USA L.L.C.  
New York 

159 W 53rd Street

Suite 26A

New York 10019


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