Optimising promotions is complex and time consuming. 
Achieve deeper optimisation, faster.


  • Greater Results

    The industry's most powerful analytics

  • Deeper Optimisation

    Machine learning to increase uplift and cut costly side-effects

  • Faster and Easier

    Free yourself from time consuming, non-core tasks 


    Unlike any other solution, Accuris operates like a surgeon, dissecting each promotion into its specific revenue streams: cannibalisation, competitive steal, retail switching, category expansion etc. This makes for deep understanding of what works and what does not. 


    Which promotion mechanics and packs generate more positive than negative revenue streams and upgrade shopper spend? Machine learning picks up the latest trends and helps you plan more events that are truly beneficial and less events with negative side-effects. 


    You enjoy the speed and convenience of outsourced data integration and modelling and benefit from simulation and reporting tools that simply optimise deeper and make you become the envy of the competition. 


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Did you know?

In the UK, for every 100 pounds sold on promotion, 37 pounds are won from competition and 7 pounds added net to the category. That means that less than half of sales on promo (37+7) is actually benefiting your business. Similar figures apply in other European countries, with the biggest effect of a promotion being shoppers who switch to lower priced offers, thereby eroding category value. Deep optimisation is about identifying the revenue streams each promotion is generating and allocating resources to those packs, promo types and other tactics that generate category expansion and shopper upgrading.  

Accuris Promotional Benchmark 2019

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