Bartering for Beer:  promoting in an evolving category webinar

The beer category across Europe suffers with an influx of new products but also a stagnation or in some places a reduction of volume.  Competition has intensified and new pressures need new promotional tactics.


How to optimise pricing and promotions in the beer category:

  1. Large portfolios. How to be sure you are not stealing from yourself, calculating cannibalisation.

  2. Shift to low / no alcohol and “free from”, measuring product switching and identify products that upgrade the shopper

  3. Increase value per serving: how to upgrade shoppers through pricing and promotions

  4. Capitalising on growth of Craft beers: what is the best promotion mix; from assortment and mechanics to store preferences and depth of discount

  5. Supplier leadership: how to use retail switching to upgrade the category


Join the Accuris beer category webinar and turn on the tap to cost reduction, revenue growth, and enhancing category prosperity.

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Title:    Beer category webinar
Date:   Wednesday 31st January
Time:   2PM GMT / 3PM CET

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