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Assortment optimisation

Accuris helps you to connect an optimised category assortment to shopper types, shopping and consumption occasions, channels and banners. We use data sources you have already available as well as our proprietary modelling to determine product switching and net revenue contribution by brand and pack.

Assortments have often evolved over time, and are the result of many historic decisions. Various visions and different suppliers have given their input, resulting in a less than perfect, hybrid, assortment. Regular reviews are required to optimise revenue, traffic and shopper satisfaction.   


From one common offer to:

Greater differentiation of assortment

with a more segmented product offering and more price points. 

From "one size fits all" to:

All shopping and consumption occasions

and reduce missed sales opportunities


Not just most shoppers

Serve all shopper needs

and avoid under- and over-pricing  



  • More shoppers​ buying into the category

  • Higher loyalty of shoppers to buy in the category in your stores 

  • Increased revenue per transaction

  • Upgrading of shopper spend to a higher price point 

Example (illustration): 

Accuris services provided:

  • Analysis, strategy formulation, training and project coaching

  • Optimisation from a supplier, category and retail point of view

  • Sell-in argumentation of optimised plan  

  • Simulated sales impact of assortment changes

  • Net contribution of a brand / pack

  • Data-based calculation of cannibalisation rates

  • Value upgrading and downgrading

  • Competitive switching data

  • Winners / losers analysis 

  • Category building vs me-too profile of a brand

Why Accuris?  

  • Fact-based evidence for range changes

  • Ability to prove your brand delivers more to the trade than competitors   

  • Simulation of impact of listing / delisting

  • Industry-leading Bayesian modelling

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