The learning organisation


Companies increasingly create a competitive advantage based on data. Accuris assists companies in creating and sustaining a data-based competitive advantage trough: 

1. Creating or upgrading the fundamental data and learning infrastructure 

2. Operating the infrastructure through data management, analysis and machine learning 

3. Evaluating and adopting relevant new technologies 



Whether your need to attract motivated staff, upgrade data science skills of your organisation or create a data driven learning organisation from scratch, we can assist you.    

  1. Staffing solutions: we can help you with your short to mid term needs for experienced data analysts and scientists. We employ data people at numerous skill and seniority levels and provide them with a continuous training and development program. Talented data experts chose Accuris because of the advanced training and stay because of the diversity of responsibilities and the professional growth.   

  2. Training: upgrade the skills of your organisation through any of our standard or customised training programs.  Accuris offers online and on-site training programs in data science areas including SQL, NoSQL, Python, R, business analysis and much more. 

  3. Consulting: as one of the leaders in data analytics and machine learning for marketing, Accuris is at the forefront of the data science revolution. We look forward to guiding you trough this fascinating era, evaluating your current abilities and reshaping your organisation into a learning data-driven organisation.    

Data Analyst


Data analysts retrieve, clean and integrate data, perform reporting. They examine data in order to answer business questions, identify patterns and may discover insights useful for business. 

They typically use standardised techniques or algorithms developed by more senior analysts, or by data scientist.


Depending on their level of expertise, key tasks data analysts perform are:

  • Cleaning and harmonising data, removing data errors and possibly outliers

  • Maintaining and using relational databases and data systems

  • Analysing and interpreting results using standard query language and other standardised processes and tools  

  • Discover trends, correlations and patterns in complicated data sets

  • Run reports and visualisation often using BI software

Tools used

  • Data Analysts typically use following tools on a daily basis:

  • Excel

  • SQL

  • Powerpoint

And for senior Data Analysts:

  • Statistical software such as SPSS, SAS or R

  • Big data techniques such as Hadoop and Map/Reduce

About Accuris

With three quarters of top 50 consumer goods suppliers being Accuris clients, we are the industry leading consultancy for Revenue Growth Analytics. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in achieving an increased return on investment in promotions, pricing and assortment optimisation. We exclusively serve the FMCG sector, and are not only known for our full service, hands-on approach to data management, modelling and analysis, but also for providing transformational recommendations with substantial, demonstrable bottom line improvement.