Webinar 25th April:

Every day low price vs. High / Low 

Pricing and promotions webinar

Are you using Edlp as part of your promotion and pricing strategy?  Is it working? Would a high / low strategy be more effective? 

Many manufacturers are asking these questions, and the answer isn’t always obvious. 

Accuris is pleased to invite you to a webinar on Edlp vs. High – low pricing and promotions to reveal new research findings on benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches.

Register for the session to find out:

  • Benefits and drawbacks of Edlp, permanent promotions and High-low strategies

  • What is the criteria for running successful edlp or permanent promotions

  • How does expandability affect market position, Brand loyalty and price per unit?

  • What pack, product, segment, category wins with Edlp, which with high-low

  • How to use occasion-based shopping to devise promotional plans

  • Using pricing and promotion strategies to drive best average price per kg

  • How to upsize and upscale at every shopping occasion.

  • How to reduce unnecessary but unavoidable subsidisation of loyal shoppers.


Start maximising revenue growth management efforts with proven strategies and fact-based decisions.  Register now to kick off your plan for profitable pricing and promotions.

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Title:    Edlp v. High Low pricing and promotions
Date:   Wednesday 24th April
Time:   3PM GMT / 4PM CET

Accuris is an industry leading consultancy specialised in analytics for Revenue Growth management.   Clients benefit from its extensive expertise in promotions, pricing and revenue optimisation for the FMCG sector, and love its full service hands-on approach to data, analysis and providing transformational insights, to lead them to best in class strategies.