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Improve promotions, pricing and revenue with Accuris analytics

analytique pour la gestion des revenus

Maximise revenue growth with a tailored offering for each shopping occasion


Unlock new revenue pools by changing prices on responsive packs 


Understand the negative and positive effects of promotions


Tap into positive sources of growth ans avoid negative switching


Optimise your media spend across brands and markets


How to expand category sales and reduce duplication?


Ce que nous faisons

Nous fournissons des services de données et de modélisation sur une base mensuelle, ainsi que des logiciels et des conseils stratégiques pour aider les fournisseurs et les détaillants à suivre et à améliorer l'efficacité des promotions, des prix et des stratégies d'assortiment.
Nos clients sont des entreprises de biens de consommation à travers la Grande-Bretagne et l'Europe, y compris de nombreux champions régionaux et les deux tiers des 10 premières multinationales FMCG.

The Coca-Cola Company "... we use it tactically ... but we also use it strategically..."

Affinity Petcare "... a professional way to measure our activities..."

Mars UK "... a huge amount of expertise..."


Benchmarking Webinar 23 January - 3pm UK

January 22, 2020

Attend this webinar to learn more about the Trade Promotions 2020 Benchmarking project.

The benchmarking project reviews promotional effectiveness in 40+ categories, and gives an unprecedented insight in strengths and weaknesses of suppliers and of your category. Use these insights to improve your strategy as well as your negotiations with the trade. The study will also benchmark Source of Business® metrics such as category expansion, competitive switching, retail switching and upgrading/downgrading.

Engage and Influence the Trade with 'Hard facts'

November 11, 2019

Engage and Influence the Trade with 'Hard facts'


Retailers offer premium feature space to suppliers discounting their products deepest, but this usually is not productive for a retailer who considers all the facts.

Join this webinar to see proof that:

- Strong brands generate more traffic to store

- Strong brands make shoppers upgrade

- Strong brands grow the category faster

May 28, 2019

Join this webinar to discover 3 strategies successfully implemented by Accuris clients: reducing cannibalisation, avoiding shopper downgrading and de-escalation of promotions. 

February 28, 2019

Consumer goods CFOs need a close involvement in pricing and promotion decisions: 
- Pricing decisions have a direct, immediate and substantial impact on a company's topline 
- Trade promotions are a major cost item and hugely affect net revenues. 

It is not enough for CFOs and GMs to simply oversee these decisions; you need to steer the process and actively engage in discussions on pricing and promotional opportunities, revenue and cost drivers. 

For more info visit the webinar page

February 28, 2019

What are the shopper trends in promotions in 2019? What basic principles lead to a successful promo plan - both for the manufacturer and the retailer? Click here to access the webinar page. 

A Promotional Deep Dive: How to Grow Value with Soft Drinks Promotions

November 28, 2018

There are still too many promotions in soft drinks downgrading shopper spend. Most of them may be organised by competitors but they still harm overall category revenues. Only strong brands can grow value and with Accuris you can prove to retailers exactly how and how much they will gain. 

Register for this webinar if you are looking for ways to: 
- limiting the cost of cannibalisation caused by promotions 
- proving to retailers that your brands generate more value, more traffic 
- creating a category promo plan that increases value and realised price per L 
This webinar is organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to staff of selected soft drinks companies only. The agenda is subject to change. 

January 23, 2018

Brexit, the decline of the pound and related cost inflation have affected many FMCG categories.  Choosing the right promotion and pricing mix, and making the times when your products are on promotion count is now paramount.

June 27, 2017

EDLP, High-Low or Medium-Low Pricing?

With Brexit and discounters shaking up pricing and promotional decisions, the options are often narrowed down to an everyday low price (EDLP), a high-low or a medium-low price strategy. Hear how Nomad Foods (Bird's Eye in the UK) are using analytics from Accuris to make promotions and pricing part of an overall revenue growth strategy. This session also contains highlights of the Accuris promotional benchmark study for the UK.

February 21, 2018

Dutch consumer goods companies are seeing growing pressure to promote amid increasing price wars. What can they do to grow revenue and reduce promotional inefficiencies? 

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