There are only 3 options to substantially improve promo ROI: reducing cannibalisation, avoiding shopper downgrading and de-escalation of promotions. 

Register for this webinar to learn from Accuris clients who successfully used these strategies. 


There are still too many promotions in supermarkets that are downgrading shopper spend. They harm overall category revenues as well as supplier revenues. Only promotions that encourage shoppers to switch to a more valuable offer can grow value. With Accuris you can analyse which offers do create value and prove to retailers exactly how and how much they will gain. 

Register for this webinar if you are looking for ways to: 

- limiting the cost of cannibalisation caused by promotions

- proving to retailers that your brands generate more value, more traffic

- creating a category promo plan that increases value and realised price per L/KG 

This is a live webinar exclusively for FMCG suppliers and retailers where actual cases will be demonstrated*. Please use your business email address for registration and verification. 

This webinar is independently organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to selected FMCG companies only. The agenda is subject to change. 

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* all confidential data will, however, be masked and altered where required

Thursday 11th of December

1PM UK / 2PM CET / 3PM Athens


About Accuris


With three quarters of top 50 consumer goods suppliers being Accuris clients, we are the industry leading consultancy for revenue management analytics. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in achieving an increased return on investment in promotions, pricing and assortment optimisation. We exclusively serve the FMCG sector, and are not only known for our full service, hands-on approach to data management, modelling and analysis, but also for providing transformational recommendations with substantial, demonstrable bottom line improvement.