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Priorities for Revenue and Customer Teams in 2022 

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An August 2021 survey by Consumer Goods Technology revealed the top 3 roadblocks experienced by commercial teams: the lack of (cleansed) datasets, retailer collaboration and working in silos. In this webinar we are discussing how to overcome these roadblocks and what priorities revenue and customer teams are considering for 2022.   

Register now for this 25-minutes webinar and learn about the 3 priorities for revenue and customer teams

  1. A reliable data infrastructure: how to create a shared, integrated database with harmonized financial, sales and activity data?

  2. Analytics on revenue sources and revenue drivers. A thorough understanding of the net benefits of all commercial drivers: what is beneficial from a brand, retailer and category perspective, vs. what is cannibalistic?

  3. How to get from information to transformation? How to set up processes and prescriptive systems that recommend best practices at the point of decision and gradually learn as new data becomes available? 

Why attend?

  • Learn why FMCG companies focus on the 3 priorities

  • Receive the Revenue Management Capability Assessment checklist to benchmark your company's performance 

  • Discover how Accuris tools and services give you a competitive advantage


This free webinar is for employees of consumer goods companies only. All case material is based on Accuris experience across all European countries. Please use your business email address for registration and verification. This webinar is organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to selected staff of FMCG companies only. The agenda is subject to change. 


Accuris is an industry leading consultancy specialised in analytics for revenue management, marketing and sales. Clients benefit from its extensive expertise in promotions, pricing and revenue optimisation for the FMCG sector, and love its full service hands-on approach to data, analysis and providing transformational insights, to lead them to best in class strategies.

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