The Net Revenue Impact
of Trade Promotions
Webinar Accuris Net Impact of Trade Prom

Many consumer goods companies are active in mature markets and slow growing categories. Trade promotions boost sales with short term peaks, but most of the 'gains' are offset by losses elsewhere in the category. 

Register and learn more about: 
- which categories are best suited for trade promotions? 
- how do shoppers respond to promotions? 
- how to distinguish between gross and net impact? 
- how to analyse net revenue of a promotion? 

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Title:     The Net Revenue Impact of Trade Promotions
Date:    Thursday, February 28th
Time:    2pm London / 3pm Brussels 

Attend this Accuris webinar for CFOs and Country Managers of FMCG companies. All case material is based on Accuris experience across all European countries. Please use your business email address for registration and verification. This webinar is organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to selected staff of FMCG companies only. The agenda is subject to change. 


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