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The Christmas competition: which brands will win?

Aldi’s UK Marketing Director, Adam Zavalis tells us that shoppers are looking for a ‘special Christmas that doesn’t break the bank’. With household budgets compressed and shoppers facing an uncertain Brexit outcome, it is truly likely that manufacturers will feel the pinch.

Using promotions to maintain and win share at this time is crucial. However not all promotions are alike, and some will work to erode profitability rather than bolster it.

Top tips for Christmas promotions:

  1. Diversify your promotional portfolio, give the shopper what she wants, but get her to try new things too. By optimising your assortment and running multibuys on an array of products you can encourage new shopper behaviour

  2. Steal from the competition, not from yourself. Use your data wisely to understand which mechanics and packs switch volume from competitors and which are worst for cannibalising on products from your own portfolio

  3. Stagger promotional events. At Christmas not all weeks are the same, by knowing which weeks your competition will steal most, and which weeks shoppers stock-up you can minimise the risk of subsiding already loyal shoppers.

  4. Customise by customer; retailers perform differently and cross-compete. Customising promotional plans allows you to take advantage of the footfall at one retailer, or see how to best expand the category with promotions at another.

If your data is not telling you what shoppers are doing, how retailers are ranking and what promotions you should be running contact Accuris who can help you decode and decipher the results. With robust pricing and promotion optimisation solutions Accuris is best placed to help you win in the Christmas period.

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