Chocolate time is upon us!

It’s that time of year when eating chocolate in large quantities is less greedy and more festive. Chocolatiers are as usual promoting like mad, but this seasonal period can benefit many categories as it leads to increased spending from consumers.

Plans are already fixed, but how will you know your events have been effective?

  1. Comparing Easter year on year will give you a benchmark to see if you have gained additional sales

  2. Looking at the category in full will show you if new product introductions have stolen volume from you, or you have switched volume from competition, between retailers or cannibalised on your own packs.

  3. Breaking down incremental volume lets you evaluate the source of sales, from competitive switching to category expansion.

  4. Incorporating financial analysis into promotion evaluation will give you a real promotional ROI to see whether promotions in this period have been worth it, or you should have redeployed budget to other packs, brands or stores.

Accuris is able to help you evaluate your seasonal promotions with advanced analytical modelling. From providing accurate insights into your baselines performance in these periods, to the source of additional volume created by promotions. Reach out to us now to see how we can implement this in your business.