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Trade Promotions:

How to Engage and Influence the Trade? 

Suppliers are changing their promotional strategy, with many increasing depth of deals and moving back from multibuy to single unit promotions. In Great Britain, featured space promotions for the core Coke brand have fallen slightly but average savings are significantly greater. The bottler is relying less on multibuys and more on single unit promotions with deeper discounts. This change is largely due to retailers demanding deep discounts on single packs as a condition to obtain premium space.

Does it deliver for Coke and for its customers?

'Hitting hard' with facts

This webinar ​will show proof that promotions for strong brands are better for a retailer than similar promotions by B/C brands or by private label. It is a matter of fact, as measured by Accuris in many markets. These hard facts about CC's strengths can be used to effectively engage and influence retailers.

Register for this webinar to discover how to prove to retailers:

- Coke promotions generate more traffic to stores than competitors' promotions

- Coke promotions make shoppers upgrade their spend more

- Growing soft drinks sales works best with Coke



and more information

Thursday 24th of October

4PM UK / 5PM CET / 6PM Athens


This is a live webinar exclusively for Coke staff. Recent work for system companies will be demonstrated*. Please use your Coca-Cola business email address for registration and verification. 

This webinar is independently organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to Coca-Cola (/bottler) staff only. The agenda is subject to change. 

Register here

* all confidential data will, however, be masked and altered where required

About Accuris


With three quarters of top 50 consumer goods suppliers being Accuris clients, we are the industry leading consultancy for revenue management analytics. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in achieving an increased return on investment in promotions, pricing and assortment optimisation. We exclusively serve the FMCG sector, and are not only known for our full service, hands-on approach to data management, modelling and analysis, but also for providing transformational recommendations with substantial, demonstrable bottom line improvement.

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