12 NOVEMBER 2019

Strong Brands are Better for Retailers:

How to Engage and Influence the Trade

Retailers offer premium feature space to suppliers discounting their products deepest, but this is not necessarily productive. Analysis of over 40,000 promotions shows that strong brands work best for a retailer.

In 30 minutes, the webinar shows hard evidence that:

- Strong brands grow the category faster than weak brands;  

- Strong brands have the ability to make shoppers upgrade their spend;  
- Strong brands are more powerful to drive traffic to stores. 

FMCG staff members can register for free with their company email address here

More about the webinar

In 30 minutes, the webinar will share the hard facts proving that promotions for strong brands are more productive for a retailer than other promotions.  

Not all brands and packs are equal

Some brands and packs bring more light users or infrequent users into the category than others. It is due to their specific appeal or positioning and the wide range of shoppers they attract. Whatever the reason may be, the impact on the category can be measured. It is important to identify brands and packs that expand the category and build a category promotion plan around them.  

Discounting without downgrading

Shoppers are attracted by a good deal, and volume sales will go up. In many cases, this means that shoppers are downgrading and may actually spend less than they had planned to. Smart discounting makes shoppers upgrade their overall purchases, rather than spending less in the category. 

The right mechanic

Multibuys, single unit price discounts and free volume offers all have their specific effects on how shoppers behave. Some mechanics will encourage shoppers to stock up, buy more and consumer more. Others merely shift volume around and do not generate growth. 

Register for this online event and discover how to optimise your promotional plan. This event is for FMCG suppliers and retailers only. Please use your business email address for registration and verification. All other registrations will be declined. This webinar is organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to FMCG companies only. The agenda is subject to change.

 Tue 12th November 2019

3pm London | 4pm Brussels | 5pm Athens

30min + Q&A

Webinar organised independently by Accuris and offered free of charge to FMCG suppliers and retailers. 

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