About Must-Win Battles and Big Bets

How to change the status-quo and achieve above-average market growth? 

The corporate skills required to manage a large, profitable mature organisation are different from those needed to achieve strong growth. How to adapt the organisation and make bold choices to accelerate revenue growth? 

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Improve your team's revenue management capabilities

Accuris supports consumer goods companies like yours to improve their capabilities and generate a better return on investment. With Accuris your team has the tools, the data and insights and optional strategy consulting to increase revenue and save time.


  • A Custom Solution for You

    Traditional revenue management looks at sales increases but ignores the most important effects of market activities in FMCG: shoppers switching between SKUs, brands, segments, stores, etc.

    The Accuris solution analyses your data and digs deep into price/promotional performance, detailing all sources of incremental sales. It also benchmarks your results against other suppliers and categories, so you know your relative strengths and weaknesses.

    Use Accuris for monthly tracking of promotional performance and for deep dives to optimise your price, revenue and promotional strategy. 

  • What is measured?

    From the start of the collaboration, every single sales activity in your categories is analysed - yours and those of your competitors. For each promotion specifically, Accuris measures:

    - Gross and net uplift

    - Source of Business® of incremental sales

    - Category expansion thanks to promotion

    - Retail switching caused by promotion

    - Cannibalisation

    - Competitive steal

    - Stock piling

    - Upgrading/downgrading

    - Net benefit for retailer and net benefit for supplier 

  • How it works

    All metrics are calculated using the Source of Business® model which processes sales (scanning) data, merged with calendar data and financials. Turnaround time for monthly updates is 10 working days, so your team has access to the results of the most recent promotions. Deliverables include an electronic database accessible through dedicated online analytical software.

    Quarterly workshops and strategy consulting can be part of the service, especially in the initial stages for your team to become used to the new metrics and insights. 

Source of Business(R)

Every promotion in your category - for your brand or for competing brands - is analysed in terms of its revenue sources:

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    Contact Accuris by sending an email or by calling +44 20 8144 9500 and ask for Sarah Vergunst or Helen Marks

  • WHO

    All FMCG suppliers and retailers in United Kingdom and in continental Europe (we cover 14 countries). For other countries, please contact us on rgm@accuris.com


    Accuris is used by revenue management, category and customer teams, with reporting to senior management. 


    Learn more on the methodology and check out the testimonials below. 

  • Greater Results

    The industry's most powerful analytics

  • Deeper Optimisation

    Machine learning to increase uplift and cut costly side-effects

  • Faster and Easier

    Free yourself from time consuming, non-core tasks 


    Unlike any other solution, Accuris operates like a surgeon, dissecting each promotion into its specific revenue streams: cannibalisation, competitive steal, retail switching, category expansion etc. This makes for deep understanding of what works and what does not. 


    Which promotion mechanics and packs generate more positive than negative revenue streams and upgrade shopper spend? Machine learning picks up the latest trends and helps you plan more events that are truly beneficial and less events with negative side-effects. 


    You enjoy the speed and convenience of outsourced data integration and modelling and benefit from simulation and reporting tools that simply optimise deeper and make you become the envy of the competition. 

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