Why CFOs should be actively involved in pricing and promotions
  • Why attend?

    Impact of pricing and promotions

    - Pricing decisions have a direct, immediate and substantial impact on a company's topline 

    - Trade promotions are a major cost item and hugely affect net revenues. 


    It is not enough for CFOs and GMs to simply oversee these decisions; you need to steer the process and actively engage in discussions on pricing and promotional opportunities, revenue and cost drivers. 

  • Content

    Topics discussed

    - The anatomy of sales in a CPG context: myths vs. reality

    - How to provide leadership to the pricing/promo and revenue teams
    - Setting the agenda for strengthening net revenue growth strategies 
    - How to ensure the delivery of annual business objectives in net revenue terms
    - Develop an effective narrative for net revenue growth

  • Takeaways

    What you will get out of this webinar

    - Ways to encourage revenue managers to report in net and gross terms 
    - Checks to use to validate revenue and cost drivers 

    - Practical tips to improve the accuracy of accruals and budgeting 
    - Bringing planning and reporting in line with basic financial principles, including impact on cash flow and working capital  



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  • WHEN

    Thu February 28th 2019

    3pm London / 4pm Brussels

    (30 min + Q&A)


    This is an online event. Attend by computer or phone.

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  • WHO

    This webinar is for consumer goods CFOs and there direct reports

Attend this Accuris webinar for CFOs and Country Managers of FMCG companies. All case material is based on Accuris experience across all European countries. Please use your business email address for registration and verification. This webinar is organised by Accuris and offered free of charge to selected staff of FMCG companies only. The agenda is subject to change. 


Accuris is an industry leading consultancy specialised in analytics for revenue management.   Clients benefit from its extensive expertise in promotions, pricing and revenue optimisation for the FMCG sector, and love its full service hands-on approach to data, analysis and providing transformational insights, to lead them to best in class strategies.

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