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Reduce data handling by 90%

Sales, marketing and revenue management teams spend a lot of time handling data before they can analyse and formulate recommendations. Some members of your teams likely spend up to 60% of their time simply transforming and harmonising data before they can start their analysis. Most of this work is done on an ad hoc basis. It needs repeated every month, every quarter. This is a waste of valuable staff time. You hired your team members to improve commercial policies, not to jungle spreadsheets.  

Accuris' data teams integrate and harmonize your data more efficiently and on a consistent basis. We can remove 90% or more of the time your teams spend on low value-added data tasks. 

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Built-in Price, Promotion and Pack optimisation

Consumer goods companies still spend large amounts of money on ad hoc price elasticity studies, assortment or promotion evaluation projects. This is no longer needed. Once you have an integrated database, Accuris provides the option to have price, promo and product range modelling running on top. 

Price elasticity, promo evaluation and product architecture analytics are easily added to any subscription to the Accuris Terminal. 

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YES, please send me a full information Pack
on how Accuris reduces data workload and improves price/promo/pack analytical capabilities.   

The Pack contains: a data checklist, a business case, benchmark data, and a PDF demo of Accuris capabilities

This offer is for consumer goods suppliers/retailers only. Agencies and consultants, please email us at

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