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Analytics for Revenue Management


Accuris provides on-going services for evaluating and optimising promotions, pricing an revenue growth. We typically cover the whole process, from raw data management, modelling of brand, category and customer impact to working with your teams to ensure quarterly progress. 

Further we provide the analytical software and integrate with your existing systems. 

In Meeting
Market Analysis

Ongoing Solutions and Bespoke Consultancy


There is not a one size fits all solution for profitably growing your top-line. Accuris solutions for pricing, promotion evaluation and assortment management are a great start to base your revenue management initiative on solid analytics - but they are customised to fit your category, retail environment and company needs.

Your business is unique and has unique needs when it comes to analytics.


By offering a range of ready-to-go solutions and bespoke services to suit your needs, we are able to cater to your differing data requirements, budgets, time constraints and business objectives.

Ready-to-go solutions:

-    Ongoing monthly or quarterly revenue growth, promotional analysis, NPD and shoppers' product switching results
-    Online tool to drive in-house analysis 
-    Quarterly workshops on targeted issues to adapt plans and maximise results
-    Dashboards for ‘results in a page’ targeted to senior management
-    Retailer orientated results to build space and pack plan arguments
-    Pricing elasticity tools to allow results per pack, brand and retailer

Bespoke Consultancy solutions

Your business will frequently have one business objective that needs to be focused on urgently.  Accuris is able to process data, get to depth of results and work on the analysis to give you comprehensive and cohesive feedback on how your specific plans performed, as well as what will work better in the future.

-    Deep dives on specific business objects.
-    Aligning KPI’s to your business approach
-    Answering key questions on what worked and what didn’t
-    Incorporating all the elements of promoting that have an effect on your business, from sales volumes and value, to display data, and financial analysis of results.
-    Simulating future performance outcomes based on historical trending


:: Accuris provides consultancy, outsourcing services and software solutions to help consumer goods companies manage effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of marketing and promotional programs.  


We provide analytical services and consulting in the following areas:

(listed alphabetically)

  • Assortment optimisation

  • Category management

  • Customer marketing

  • Data integration

  • Marketing analytics

  • Media effectiveness

  • Price optimisation

  • Promotion evaluation and optimisation

  • Retail profitability and trade terms

  • Revenue growth management

  • Scenario planning

  • Space management

Sector Expertise:

We have experience and clients in virtually all sectors of consumer goods and retail: 

(listed alphabetically)

  • Beverages

  • Consumer durables

  • Food

  • Home and personal care

  • Retail 

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