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Price optimisation


Accuris' price optimisation service not only measures price elasticity and defines optimal price points to maximize revenue, but also incorporates advanced analytics to analyze interactions between products and factor in cross-switching and cannibalisation effects.


Our service leverages a standard weekly scanning dataset to provide robust insights. Our modelled database logs all price changes and tracks sales changes for individual products and across all products in a given segment, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the pricing landscape.

price optimisation Accuris

Why it matters


Spot pricing opportunities: identify segments and products that show potential for a price increase



competitive advantage Accuris

Your competitive advantage


The Accuris methodology quantifies the dynamic sales switching effects that a price change can cause. This is not only a realistic approach, it also gives you the knowledge to defend your program with the trade. 

competitive advantage Accuris
Quick bites

Examples of the benefits achieved with Accuris price optimisation  


Cut cannibalisation of ultra large pack and gain 2m


An ultra-large pack was very price elastic but also very cannibalistic on a large pack of the same brand. Our client increased the price of the ultra large pack in the supermarket channel. Shoppers returned to the large multipack and our client made an extra 2m revenues annually. 

Increasing the price premium


This client was fighting increasingly aggressive promo pricing in the basic segment. With Accuris a redesigned pricing strategy raised prices for the premium products while freeing up budget to obtain a more attractive everyday low price point with the mainstream quality products. 

Does a price change increase cannibalisation on my other packs?

Accuris mathematically calculates cross-cannibalisation between products of the same brand or supplier




This service is available for suppliers and retailers who have weekly, SKU-level, customer-specific sales (out) data.    






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