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Generative AI, prescriptive analytics and cross-category best practices

to drive revenue growth.

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Zero Based Promotion Planning

Integrating Zero Based Budgeting with the Accuris Source of Business® methodology transforms the promotion planning process.

Start with a blank slate and build up a promotional plan covering those promotions first that generate maximum incremental profit, share gain, category expansion, upgrading etc. Our generative A.I. creates an optimized plan, given the objectives and constraints you provide.

Companies can now evaluate each promotional activity not just for its (implied, direct or indirect) cost but also for its strategic alignment with identified growth sources. This dual approach ensures that promotional budgets are not only spent efficiently but are also directed towards activities with the highest potential for sustainable growth. Whether you are on an annual contract or you pay for high-low, Zero Based Promo Planning will give you the highest value for your investment.

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Upgrading or downgrading?

The main effect of promotions is switching. Shoppers switch between pack sizes, brands, stores ... all because of promotions. Are they spending more, or are they spending less? Detailed analysis of the Accuris Source of Business reveals which promotions lead to upgrading of spend in the category and which ones lead to downgrading.  

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Source of Business(R)

For a thorough understanding of the positive and negative effects of promotions you need a detailed decomposition of the uplifts. Only Accuris provides a promotion- and week-specific decomposition of the effects of every promotion, called "Source of Business®": what sales are coming from brand switching, from own-portfolio cannibalisation, from retail switching, category expansion, stock piling, base subsidisation?  

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Vestapan Accuris Soft Drink1
Hameton Accuris Soft Drink - Wide photo-realistic image of a 'Special Edition' 'Hameton' 6

Watch the demo

Which brand generates the most revenue?

Which brand generates most category expansion?
Which promotions generate traffic to stores?
Does 'Hameton' upgrade shopp
er spend? Or does 'Vestapan'?

Discover how Accuris helps these two imaginary 'soft drinks brands' grow net revenue. 

Revenue Analytics Demo  'Vestapan' vs. 'Hameton'

* The content of this material includes imaginary brand names that are purely fictional and are used solely for illustration purposes. These names are not associated with any real company, brand, trademark, or product, and any resemblance to actual brand names, companies, or trademarks is purely coincidental and unintentional. The use of these fictional names is intended for demonstration only and does not imply any relationship or endorsement by any real company or brand.

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Did you know?

In the UK, for every 100 pounds sold on promotion, 37 pounds are won from competition and 7 pounds added net to the category. That means that less than half of sales on promo (37+7) is actually benefiting your business. Similar figures apply in other European countries, with the biggest effect of a promotion being shoppers who switch to lower priced offers, thereby eroding category value. Deep optimisation is about identifying the revenue streams each promotion is generating and allocating resources to those packs, promo types and other tactics that generate category expansion and shopper upgrading. For the 2023 edition or to understand how this applies to your category, request a call.  

Accuris Promotional Benchmark 2019

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